About Us

Design Universe develops unique software to help organizations worldwide streamline their business processes. Design Universe is a leading developer and marketer of innovative enterprise solutions for the mobile communications and collaborations market. Through the development and integration of products for seamless sharing of time-sensitive information; including forms, documents, messaging, Internet and intranet-based applications; Design Universe's portfolio of award-winning products includes the Mobile Smart Document product line and AtMyMeeting, a wireless meeting notes solution.

Design Universe has created the world's first software that can convert in seconds any document into a web service. Better than a mere web document, the Mobile Smart Document can exchange data interactively with the online central database server as well as with a local, offline database. Design Universe's online/offline Web based software allows secure collaboration, communication, sharing and editing of forms and information among multiple parties. Bottom line focus is leading more organizations to streamline operations. Also, more people are telecommuting or working mobile. With the Design Universe solution, people are free to work anywhere, with any document, any time.

Design Universe tools can uncouple Documents, Forms, Excel spreadsheets and Data from PCs, convert it to Web browser based applications and store them on servers accessible by multiple users over the Web. Mobile Smart Documents, which has collaborative work at its center, is bringing with it features for sharing Excel spreadsheets and other forms and files in a way that doesn't involve E-mailing them back and forth. The trend is affecting everything from consumer software to the design of business applications.

More than that, any form created by Mobile Smart Documents can be printed on plain paper, filled by hand, then recognized back into the original document through a scanner or digital pad. This is also revolutionary and many enterprises are taking advantage of it. The software uses semantic logic to read data, checkboxes, calculations, photos, videos, writings, drawings and signatures accurately. Then the software transforms them quickly into systematically structured digitized data and presents interfaces to communicate these data with other applications and over the web.