E-Pen&CAD (Drawing, calculation and ordering)

Powerful but easy-to-use architectural design software is also Tablet PC compatible. Use this software and your Tablet PC to quickly and accurately design kitchens and bathrooms, landscapes, or products for manufacture. The ability to import and export DXF format files means E-Pen&CAD can be used in conjunction with other design software and CAD-driven manufacturing and plotting equipment. It�s perfect for use in the field on a �hardened� Tablet PC by engineers and technicians.

  • E-Pen&CAD can be used on Laptops and PCs.
  • Draw directly in smart forms. All geometric data (length, width, area, angle) are recognized and automatically exported to a database and conveniently presented in smart forms.
  • Additional calculations within the smart forms are possible based on the data in the database.
  • Select predefined shapes from the included collection, create your own, or import DXF format drawings from other sources

    Drawing in the CAD-Tool

    The drawing objects' properties and dimensions are automatically transferred to the order form in E-Pen&Forms Filler.

    Synchronization with a database

    Price US$: 799.00

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