Does the software support the latest operating systems?
The software runs on Windows 95/98/ME or XP with MS Office 2000/XP

What are the minimum system requirements?
You require IBM or compatible PC with USB Port Windows 98, 2000, XP, ME With 15 MB hard disk space and 64 MB RAM.
Digital Pen, Digital Tablet or Digital PC as hardware requirements

What languages does the software support?
Presently the software�s are available in English language only.

How do I activate or register my software?
Registered users will receive the activation code so that can unlock the code and use the software.

Where can I buy your software?
Users can download a trial version on our website They can also purchase online at our website.

What products does design universe develop?
Currently the company is offering software for Tablet PC, for PC and Digital Pen/Pad, for PDA and Pocket PC, Smartphones and Blackberry, as well as the following products for users:
- E-pen&Write 
- E-pen&Form 
- E-pen&Math 
- E-pen&Draw 
- E-pen&Power 
- E-pen&Schedule 
- E-pen&Net 

How do I contact Design universe?
You can contact us at our head office location at 
Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA, 95054, USA

Is your site secure for credit cards?
Yes, we use a third party shopping cart and the page where you enter your credit card information is secure. We use real time card processing and do not ever see your credit card information.

How does the product work with Ms Office?
The writings written using the digital pen get recognized the software and can be export to different applications of Ms Office like word, excel, PowerPoint and outlook

Does the software support INK LINK and smart pad?
Yes, it supports to load the ink formats.

What are the minimum System Requirements

IBM or compatible PC
USB Port Windows 98, 2000, XP, ME
15 MB hard disk space
Software: Windows 95/98/ME or XP with MS Office 2000/XP and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher
Hardware: Digital Pen, Tablet PC, Digital Pad