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Instantly convert your document files into mobile smart forms, which you can fill and submit directly on the Web.

Many business people still rely on email to share their documents, forms, Excel or PDF files with their colleagues and associates. They also print the files to fill additional information. Design Universe WebConverter allows the user to easily and quickly convert spreadsheets to Mobile Smart Documents and interactive Web applications. Formatting and formulas present in the original documents are also automatically rendered in the Mobile Smart Documents and Web applications. This facilitates team-based collaboration, supports security and permissions, and allows management, sharing, searching and editing of the documents conveniently online or offline, anytime and anywhere. Mobile Smart Documents with WebConverter makes all this possible.
Try WebConverter for free!


  • Customizable Data Frames. Customize forms to meet organization's needs. Any spreadsheet can be converted to a Smart, Online/Offline form. Interactive forms are easy to use and can be printed for easy sharing and rapid action.
  • Form Catalog. All the converted forms can be stored and opened next time.
  • Status History. Maintain a historical log of all forms filled, submitted, and submitted for at-a-glance status updates.
  • Privacy. Security settings define who can fill and view the forms
  • Print Features. Users can print the Excel spreadsheet form on plain paper, and fill it out. Then scan it and imports the image to WebConverter. WebConverter examines the image and compares it with the original Excel document, recognizing the fields, labels and writing. This example of Excel demonstrates the capabilities of Design Universe WebConverter because even Microsoft Corporation was not able to make this possible, although they are the developers of MS Excel and Windows Vista.
  • Access information on-demand. Edit and fill any document in one place online using a simple web browser.
  • Manage information with ease just like on personal computer. Upload all of business information to easily using web folders. Navigate documents in a familiar folder hierarchy / Drag and drop multiple files.
  • Find documents fast. Use an integrated search tool to quickly find the information and the documents.
  • Reduce email overload. Send co-workers or customers web links to documents rather than large email attachments. Mark a document or a form private with login for special intranet users
  • Create powerful, customized databases. Use Design Universe pre made templates or build connect to companies own databases
  • Generate formulas to automatically update data. Use calculated formula and frames to generate information that can change when other data elements change. Create custom logic to validate data or automate tasks.
  • Keep everyone up-to-date with the latest information. WebConverter automatically synchronize Online and Offline content, making truly mobile productivity a reality.
  • Sort, group and filter data. Create multiple views for easy reporting.
  • Import and export information to other applications such as SAP, Siebel, Lotus, Outlook, etc.

You can subscribe to WebConverter on a monthly basis, or select an Annual Plan and save 20 percent. Either way, you'll always know what to expect: unlimited, easy-to-use online tool at a predictable flat rate.

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  • Industry-leading security
  • Unlimited software and service upgrades
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