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Digital Note-taking Simplified!

Design Universe's AtMyMeeting Solution keeps your mobile sales force connected with the home office, and makes realtime centralized management possible. With AtMyMeeting you are constantly updated with important and changing business information. Mistakes are avoided and sales cycles are expedited.

You can fill the AtMyMeeting forms in natural handwriting either on a Tablet PC or on Design Universe's Digital Pad. Print the AtMyMeeting forms on plain papers, place them on the pad and fill them; the Digital Pad automatically captures all of your handwriting and converts your handwriting to computer text.

You can send the recognized text automatically to Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes. For example, write an appointment on the digital pad, and send it to Outlook Calendar to create an appointment on the correct date with a helpful reminder. You can send and receive your data over the Internet on wired or wireless network, or even through your GPRS/UMTS cell phone or broadband PC card.

With AtMyMeeting you are eliminating the need to transcribe your notes, appointments and contacts. Input validation, support for custom dictionaries, connections to databases such as all of the major CRM and ERP applications, and interoperability.

AtMyMeeting advantages:

  • Automatically capture handwriting during your meetings on paper or Tablet PC
  • Synchronize your data directly with Microsoft Outlook
  • Send the recognized handwriting immediately as XML via GPRS/UMTS
  • Save time by eliminating transcription and improving accuracy
  • Simple, intuitive interface

    AtMyMeeting for Tablet PC:

    AtMyMeeting for Tablet PC
    Price: $ 799 $ 699

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