Solutions Partners

The Solution Program is designed for ISVs, corporate developers, VARs, consultants, trainers and knowledge publishers who want to leverage Design Universe Technology to:

  • Develop software Add-ins for Design Universe products which extend its functionality, e.g. with enhanced data import and export,
  • Author customized solutions uniting existing knowledge, such as project methodologies, business best practices and knowledge bases with Design Universe products to create innovative knowledge delivery solutions.

Join as a Solution Partner and get access to high-quality tools, information, and services helping you build Design Universe based solutions. Membership gives you timely product information and developer support, and the opportunity to participate in a variety of co-marketing activities with Design Universe.

For more information regarding the partnership please contact us:

Phone: +1 (408) 982-2100 
Fax: +1 (408) 850 1940

Phone: +49 (089) 24218449
Fax: +49 (089) 92185192