Handwriting recognition and forms filling for your handheld device,
E-Pen&PDA lets you fill insurance, medical or any form directly on your PDA in natural handwriting. Use the powerful handwriting recognition engine to convert your writings to text and then send the information to your central database via wireless networking. You can carry more forms on your lightweight PDA than you could lift in a briefcase!
  • Add handwriting recognition to your touch-screen PDA
  • Transmit filled forms to a central database via wireless Ethernet or GSM.
  • Retrieve data to pre-fill a form from the central database.
Pocket PC:

Save time and money
  • Notes, forms and contracts are acquired in a digital way. Handwritten entries can be recognized.
  • It is not necessary to transcribe your paper forms into the computer.
  • Save postage costs by transmitting your forms data across the Internet.
Avoid errors, improve quality
  • The automization of data acquisition, handwriting recognition, transfer and archiving avoids error-prone manual processes.
  • Adaptable handwriting recognition and plausibility checks reduce the error ratio enormously compared with manual typewriting.
Easy archiving
  • The search for archived smart forms is much easier than the search for paper forms. Instead of searching through paper files, an easy centralized search for digital forms is possible.
  • Expensive scan procedures for digitizing the paper forms are not necessary anymore because the data is already in digital format.
  • Digital smart forms consume only a fraction of the disk space compared to scanned paper forms.
Easy process
  • The handwritten entry on a PDA is intuitive and can be easily used for data acquisition.
  • Standard interfaces are available in E-Pen&PDA for transferring acquired data from the PDA to the computer.
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E-Pen&PDA Consumer Version

Handwriting recognition and forms filling for your handheld device to connect to single computer.
E-Pen&PDA Professional

For enterprise-class solutions. On-board memory in the pad can store hundreds of pages of handwriting. Easily download, recognize and export your handwriting in many formats, or send the recognized data directly to a central database server using ODBC, SOAP or XML.
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