June, 2006

With Design Universe
E-Pen&Meeting you have
easily handled the details
of your journey!

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E-Pen&Meeting is the new Design Universe solution we develped to help individuals and enterprises make data acquisition and data processing fast and low-cost.

Organize your notes, appointments, tasks, contacts, emails and travel information based on a form using natural handwriting and handwriting recognition. Data can be stored in a local database or web-server and synchronized with MS Outlook and Lotus Notes.

The ultimate support makes traveling easy

Tablet PC software designed specifically for the busy traveler. A unique set of pre-defined electronic forms which help you with all aspects of traveling; from packing your things to booking flights and hotels, to planning your meetings or mapping your tour of an exotic destination. Complete the forms in natural handwriting on your Tablet PC, and let the computer recognize it into text, look up your maps, connect you to your Airline’s website, and more. It’s the ultimate sidekick for the jet-set!

Acquire duties and forward them

For the preparation of a meeting, To Dos can be acquired, synchronized with MS Outlook or sent as an email directly from the smart form with a mouse-click.

Preparation for a meeting

The acquired dates of meetings and events can be synchronized with MS Outlook.

Travel planning

Select your airline, book your flight and, with a click of your mouse, completely insert the data into your smart form. Plan your route on a mapping web site and insert the map into the smart form. The travel costs can be easily calculated within the smart form.

Download trial versionBuy Design Universe solution

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