Create and define forms. Incorporates all features for importing documents; data frame creation & editing tools; data integration tools and data export.

Write in your daily planner, diary or agenda and send all the information to your computer in Outlook or other address book software. E-Pen&PC places it in the right day and right position. E-Pen&PC identifies any type of handwriting and transcribes it into recognizable computer language.

For InkLink and SmartPad users
For Pegasus users

Price US$: 199.00

E-Pen&PC Builder for keyboard users

Allows to complete forms by hand using highly accurate handwriting recognition capabilities. Create and define forms, too. Incorporates all features for importing documents, data frame creation and editing tools, data integration tools and data export functions. Define text, numeric, date, checkbox, and signature data boxes. Create mathematical expressions & calculation frames. Export completed form into Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Price US$: 499.00

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