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DocsBuilder is a tool that allows you to create, share and publish all your documents, forms, spreadsheets and pdf as interactive web applications.

Docs Builder does not need to be downloaded or installed. You can access, edit or manage your forms and data form anywhere at anytime with your web browser.

You can now share documents online and improve project synergy through online collaboration. DocsBuilder is a server software, that enables teams to collaborate effectively and edit spreadsheets, documents and other files online. It can also be used to improve business processes and provides a integrated document management tool.

Convert your documents. Customize forms so that they perfectly fit your company’s needs. Every worksheet can be converted to a Smart Form. You can use Smart Forms online as well as offline.

Interactive forms are easy to use and can of course be printed, which makes using and sharing them easy and versatile.

Edit every document you want in one file and in every common browser.

Effective collaboration. Converted documents can be saved online so that your colleagues can access them anytime and from anywhere.

Keep track of everything. Every action is saved in a log file, so you always know what’s going on.

Privacy. Extensive security features help you to set viewing and editing rights.

Printing options. You can print and fill worksheets on paper, scan the filled page and import the date with WebProcedure. WebProcedure compares the scanned image with the original form, recognizes the handwriting and assigns the data to their respective fields.

Manage your information just like on a normal computer. Put your business information in easy to use web folders. Your documents will be displayed in the convenient hierarchy. You can also move files with drag & drop ease.

Find your documents fast. Use our integrated search engine to find the information you need in no time.

Reduce data traffic (bandwidth). Instead of large email attachments, just send your partners and colleagues a link to the documents you want to share. You can flag some documents as “private” or protect them with a password so that only some users can view and use them.

Create powerful and individual databases. Use the standard Design Universe templates or create your own templates to connect to your local database.

DocsBuilder makes business process management easy.
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