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learn more about MobileSmartForm
MobileSmartForm - work with your documents online using innovative, web based software.
learn more about XPOSS
eXtended Point Of Sales Solution (XPOSS) - a powerful new online/offline tool for mobile sales people.
New E-Pen&Expo
Design Universe Releasing Pen-Friendly Expo Lead Generation Tool.
Medical organizations are constantly searching for ways to save money and improve accuracy...
Discover new 2006
   Design Universe software

Web Connector. Plug-in for Internet Explorer to work and distribute smart forms online...

Spreadsheet Converter. Instantly convert your Excel file into a smart form...

E-Pen&Signature. Digitally sign your smart form...

Connectivity to CRM Systems. Establish connections easily between smart forms and SAP, Siebel or any database...

E-pen&Meeting. Organize and schedule your business with ease...

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